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Web Analytics Consulting

Web Analytics data provides quantifiable success metrics and campaign feedback in terms of traffic volumes, navigation habits and conversion rates across the website. Leadtank uses Google Analytics and other platforms such as WebTrends to analyze the information generated from client websites on a monthly basis and gauge the impact of marketing campaigns to provide guidance for improvement.

Leadtank WebAnalytics services provide data that empowers the marketing team to:

  • Modify/Optimize the client website for maximum usability
  • Determine baseline marketing metrics and accurately assess the progress of marketing campaigns
  • Allocate marketing resources for maximum effect

Examples of WebAnalytics data includes:

  • How many visitors came to your site as a result of specific marketing campaigns
  • What companies and organizations are visiting the website
    • The geographic location of the visitors
    • What % of the visitors are new
    • What web pages and images were accessed by these visitors
    • How long visitors spent on the website and individual pages
    • What order visitors navigated the website
    • Which keywords are producing the most traffic
    • Which keywords are producing the most effective results in terms of on-page conversions
    • What pages/Call to Action were most efficient in generating patient inquiries